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5A LABEL | MISTER ROCKS MUSIC GROUP (MRMG) is comprised of an artist management agency, record label, artist development agency, recording studio and music publishing group, focused on serving artists to reach a global platform, and making this world smaller place between Northern America and Asia.

MISTER ROCKS MUSIC GROUP (MRMG) is a collection of writers focused on delivering the most competitive records for the global music market. We focus on U.S and Asia placements in all aspects of pop, rap, hip-hop, r&b and EDM. Globally, we host and participate various writing camps for our clients and artists. 

As a development agency, we train future artists, singers and dancers. Our methods provided the fastest and most efficient results for serious aspiring artists. We provide A-Z development for the entertainment industry in all aspects of voice (singing, rap), performance, dance, recording and songwriting. Whether you are a high profile or local client We provide the same results. Please check a few case studies here of our past trainees.

5A LABEL is currently distributed by THE FOUNDATION and SONY MUSIC ASIA. We are a global record label focusing on the North American and Asia Markets.

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Physical home to 5A LABEL & MRMG, ST5A (STUDIO 5A) is a recording and mixing studio, but most of all, a creative space designed for artists and musicians who require high-end recording, music production, mixing and mastering services. Located on Spring St., in the center of Downtown Los Angeles' Gallery Row, ST5A services major-label artists across the globe and local musicians who demand quality service.