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 5A LABEL ARTIST - JUSTIN PARK - Shot by The Social Trust

5A LABEL ARTIST - JUSTIN PARK - Shot by The Social Trust

JUSTIN PARK is a Korean-American singer/songwriter from Los Angeles. With a charming voice as his instrument, he is the future of R&B.

Music has always been a significant part of Justin’s life. His dad is a musician, which had a huge influence on him growing up. In high school, his passion for music intensified as he began to gain recognition as a singer.

In 2014, he officially signed to 5A LABEL. He has trained and worked with the world’s best including: vocal coach Ann One, as well as dance training from the Kinjaz. Under the guidance of MSTR RCKS, he dedicates all of his time working on his singing and dancing.

In 2017, Justin debuted with his single, “Dates in LA”. An important milestone for him, “Dates in LA” was the first song that he’s ever written and released. Drawing inspiration from his life, his songs share real stories from the heart. Everything from the hit or misses in relationships with family and friends, to the happiness and pain he has gone through. These experiences are what makes his songs special.

Just last month, he released his newest single, “XL Uber” featuring Amber Liu. A soulful song with genuine lyrics, “XL Uber” is about remembering your roots and where you came from. Another big landmark for Justin, this song holds a great deal of meaning for him.

Fueled by his energy and passion, Justin strives to spread hope and optimism through his music. Look out for his highly anticipated debut album dropping in August 2018.





DEMIE CAO is a rising rapper and Arcadia native ready to share her unique color as a promising artist and performer with the world. Officially signed with 5A LABEL since 2014, Demie has been training under 5A LABEL & MSTR RCKS.

Her love for performing started at a young age, having studied ballet for 13 years. From ballet, Demie moved her focus to music due to the variety of options it offers. She was quickly drawn into the world of music with its elements of performance and as a way of expression. To further pursue her passions for both music and dance, she is currently attending USC as a music industry major where she is developing her skill sets as an artist.

Although she doesn’t exhibit the “tough girl” image of typical female rappers, Demie brings her own distinctive style. An appearance opposite from her fierce raps makes her music stand out even more. Her first song “Chungdam Models”, released in 2017, provides a peek into her uniqueness.

Music has opened many doors for Demie, traveling being one of them. After getting into music, she has traveled a lot more. This is reflected in her upcoming EP “Airplane Mode”, which represents her travels to different countries and reminiscence of L.A. Getting most of her inspiration through personal experience, Demie hopes to show her journey as an artist and individual, and the growth she has gone through.

Through the valuable guidance and her drive to work hard, she grows everyday to become an artist who will stay true to her art and engage others through her music and performance.